The United States Oilfield Association is a membership-based organization focused on uniting the hard workers within the oilfield community. With more than 32,000+ members currently, the United States Oilfield Association has a vision of growing their support system to include job postings, selling/trading equipment, and providing valuable resources to the community of oilfield workers. Currently, the United States Oilfield Association is actively engaged in growing their membership program, and is engaged in selling merchandise related to the oilfield industry nation wide.

Are you a worker, producer, service provider, or other individual closely involved in the oilfield industry? Are you proud of being an oilfield worker or production company? Do you wish there were an easier way to communicate information throughout the oil industry?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, the United States Oilfield Association is here to help your voice be heard throughout all aspects of the industry. It is our mission to unite all peoples within the oilfield arena through streamlined communication, self-expression, as well as the verbalization of thoughts and opinions of this elite group of hardworking Americans

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